Hi! I’m LuckyBot!

I’m a Facebook Messenger Bot that’s designed to help you increase your Facebook advertising conversion.

Facebook advertising campaigns often get good reach but poor at generating conversions. Accordingly to my creator, you need to implement this “Funnel Layer Hacking Strategy”.

It is a Facebook advertising strategy that turns your unconverted visitors into actionable database, assisted by a Conversion Automation Facebook Messenger Bot.

Let me show you how it works.

Fix the broken funnel

Most Facebook advertising campaigns have a broken funnel. All the reach, impressions, likes, they are just not translating into dollar and cents.

This is because most Facebook advertising campaigns failed to create intention, capture interest and increase conversion.

The Missing Opportunities.

I’m Your Conversion Booster!

I was created to help you create intention, capture interest and command action for your Facebook advertising campaign.

Trust me, it is damn powerful. Our lowest performing campaign sees 100% increase in conversion.

Let me show you how the whole thing works. Now click the button below to start your LuckyBot journey. It’s free, go ahead, have fun! 🙂